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e-Commerce (EDI)

Gain new customers and grow sales by trading business documents electronically using EC/EDI*Wizard®.



Global Data Synchronization


Provide standard product information to your GS1 customers with Product Information Manager™.





Update your legacy software with FabMan® for Build-to-Stock, Build-to-Order, Job Shop, Machine Shop and Wholesale Distributors.






Install and integrate the EC/EDI*Wizard® map-based translator with your enterprise

Software for seamless transfer

of business documents with your automated Trading Partners.





Update your legacy fabrication or manufacturing software with integrated estimating, shop floor control, job cost, finite scheduling, statistical process control, electronic data interchange and global data synchronization.





Transfer complete accounts between most multivalue databases, including Unidata® and Universe® from IBM®, in just two steps.





Install SpoolePlus™ to have that comfortable Pick® spooler on Unidata® or Universe® along with your generic Pick® software.


Software Migration

Migrating application software from one multivalue database to another can be challenging and costly due differences in tape formats, VOC/MD formats, dictionary structures, Basic program statement syntax, User Modes, print and print spooler architectures and commands, editor syntax, peripheral connectivity architectures and protocols, database installation and start-up procedures and database back-up procedures.

The key to limiting the cost of migration is to migrate to the database that best emulates your current database.

Sysmark specializes is migrating application software to both Universe® and Unidata®, from IBM®.

Universe® supports the generic Pick® MD, Q-pointers, file dictionaries, Basic program and Proc syntax and User Modes.

With Sysmark’s SpoolerPlus®, generic Pick® spooler architecture and commands are supported on UniVerse®. UniData® and OpenQM.

Using Sysmark’s FileCaddy™ file transfer suite, all the files (including the MD) in an account can be migrated from most multivalue databases to most other multivalue databases, including UniVerse®, UniData® and OpenQM, in just two steps.

Sysmark offers the migration package of SpoolerPlus™ and FileCaddy™ both as separate products and as part of our migration services, including original licenses of UniVerse®, UniData® or OpenQM at special pricing.



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